Last Chance! Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

You still have a chance to check out some great exhibits at the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.  Recommended: the Luis Jacob exhibit at Habitat.


Luis Jacob


“The centrepiece of Luis Jacob’s exhibition Habitat is Album XIV, the newest iteration in a series begun almost two decades ago. Each of Jacob’s unique Album works consists of hundreds of images physically cut out from various books and magazines, which are then arranged in small groupings within laminated sheets, and juxtaposed as an extended sequence. None of the Albums include captions identifying individual images or their respective points of origin. This reliance on uncited material invites viewers to “read” the Album from a diversity of perspectives, through varying kinds of image literacy, intuitive associations, and lived experiences. The viewing process shifts between moments of conscious recognition of the familiar, and moments of non-recognition that serve as unconscious triggers to create correspondences between images. More than a sense that meaning is simply subjective, here potential gaps in understanding create the conditions for spectatorship that is newly opened—even vulnerable—to the force of photographs.”

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