Yoga, addiction and recovery with Carrie Schell

Yoga Recovery

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that yoga, meditation and physical activity are effective tools in treating obesity, addictions, alcoholism, mental illness and mental unwellness.  Through this series you will better understand how our changing world is directly impacting our wellness and the simple steps to take to improve wellness and increase happiness. These sessions are informative and interactive, and all are welcome.

The Tell is proud to host Carrie Schell presenting 5 sessions starting December 4th. All sessions are from noon to 2pm, Free Admission.

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Carrie has been immersed in health and wellness since beginning her career as a licensed midwife twenty-five years ago. Her career has evolved over the years as a health consultant, physical activity practitioner and yogi.

Carrie’s involvement in addiction recovery spans decades. Her passion for recovery, physical activity, nature and yoga merged in her role as Director of Health and Wellness at a residential addiction recovery facility where she developed a unique and highly successful recovery program rooted in yoga, physical activity and meditation.

Carrie has been invited to speak at addiction conferences around the world, sharing the evidence and research supporting her approach to recovery. An innovator in her field, she has developed physical literacy programs for schools to help improve the physical and mental wellness of children and youth.

She is presently launching Moral Compass Therapy, for veterans suffering from PTSD. Carrie believes in a mind, body, spirit approach to wellness and recovery as evidenced in both her personal and professional life.

Carrie Schell